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Board meetings are held on the 4th Monday of the month. and are open to officers, directors and committee chairpersons. Email info@rfvc.org for more information.

2020 Board + Committee Members

We would like to recognize current and past volunteers for the time and resources they have donated toward furthering the goals of our the Rare Fruit and Vegetable Council of Broward County.

On behalf of all members of the RFVC, we thank you for supporting our mission to promote the awareness and benefits of cultivating rare fruits and vegetables in South Florida and beyond!. 

2020 Officers

2020 Directors

2020 Committee Chairpersons

Karim Rossy, Eric LaBlum

Mark Kaplan, David Harold

Farah Chaffin, Chance Kahle


Stacey Vassell


Jim Traina


Farah Chaffin


Peggy Demars

Vivian Landix


Frank Mihlstin


Vivian Landix

Faye Boyles


Linda Gonzalez, Laurie Mugan &

Vivian Landix


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